Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've been really wanting to write something, but just didn't know how.
I just got an email from a friend in Namibia, a few minutes after opening up one of my bags. My stuff has been stored at my parents' and FINALLY it arrived in Norris Point. We've just moved into a more permanent house (beautifull by the way and PLENTY of guest bedrooms... It's a bit big for 2 people, but it's the off season in Gros Morne, so very very cheap...) Anyway there was ONE bag I was looking forward to unpacking. The bag I packed last before leaving for Namibia, so all those really nice things that didn't make the cut for out 22 kg allowance. Opened it and found some, oh, so wonderfull wonderfull brown corduroys. Mark says that makes me very square, but I don't care.

Well, hey, it's Octover, there is snow on the Tablelands, it was just Thanksgiving. So tho' it's hard to remember the heat of Namibia, here, curled under my wonderfull wonderfull duvet. It's COLD!

Mark and I are well. We're travelling twice to New Brunswick, once to Labrador and once to Gander to check out some job opportunities...

I'll add pictures when I figure out PICASA.