Saturday, July 11, 2009

A wedding and a funeral

My brother is getting married today. Philip and Dominique are getting married at Robin Hill. It's quite small, about 28 of us. I flew back a few days ago (Oh my word, 17 hours on South African Airways is a loooong time, but really quite straightforward) and am here for 10 days. The bride will wear fuscia, the groom will wear clothes (probably). The forcast was for rain and thunder, but I think it's going to hold off till later tonight. It's beautifull sunshine right now, so here's hoping. (Mummy hung rosaries on the clothesline last week, which seems to have worked!)

It's also the day of E.'s funeral. You may recall she was one of our personal patients. She was 12 and had had HIV since birth, and Tb twice. She wandered about the hospital saying very very little. She was discharged a few weeks ago as she was doing well. I saw her in the OPD a few times, and she seemed to be doing ok. But then the other day she was readmitted, very short of breath. The day after that she seemed a bit better (I was in Outjo by then), but I got a text to say she'd died. I didnt' want to believe it and had to phone the ward and to talk to one of the nurses about it. It's one of those things that surprise you, even tho' it shouldn't. She was sick with 2 lethal diseases, and probably got a third infection on top of it... But still very, very sad.

So two very important things to pray about today.