Monday, June 29, 2009


Unfortunatly, 2 weeks ago, a Dr Samunto, who was working in Outjo, (about 130 km from us) died in a terrible car crash. He was driving between Otjiwarongo and Outjo, and hit another car. It is thought he had a broken leg, and apparently bystanders were trying to help him get out of the car. He phoned his wife (who is also a doctor in Outjo) and they spoke. The ambulance was on its way. But before they got there, a truck ran into the group - killing Dr Samunto and a woman who was helping him! Just awfull. It's thought the truck driver was drunk.
I'd only met him once, casually, outside the grocery store in Outjo. He was from DRC, so we spoke french. Everyone spoke really highly of him.
We had a gathering in Khorixas hospital, prayers and singing, for him, last Monday. And we've been sending releif doctors to Outjo. (There were 3 docs there, so they are 2 down, as his wife is travelling back to Congo for the burial. They have 6 children.)
It's my turn this week, to go to Outjo, but I've been waiting for the transport for 4 hours now, and still nothing...

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