Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Identity theft, no water. new roomy

So I opened a bank account last week: Mark did it in Windhoek, with minimal fuss and bother. It seems to be a bit more difficult in Khorixas, but possible. Anyway, it turns out I have been black listed in Namibia for bad debt! Someone, in 2007 (!) used my name and date of birth (Come on, who is called Alice Bond Jermy Gwyn!) to get store cards, and "racked up" 4000 N$, but didn't pay it off. Strange, eh?

So they asked me to come back in, and photocopied every single page of my passports (I have my last one, going back to 2002, for some nice visas I have). Anyway, should be alright now. Makes one wonder, in what other countries is ABJG a persona non grata. I'll probably never find out.

We've had no water for 2 days. It's stressing me out a lot, but not Mark, and he's probably right. the big pipe getting water to Khorixas has 3 leaks. Rumours abound, I bet no one really knows when it'll be fixed. Some said 40 minutes ago, some say Friday... Mark has just come back with about 35 liters, tho'.

AND we have a roommate: Siow Wee, a pharmacist w. VSO from Singapore, tho' she spent 10 years in Manchester.

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