Friday, May 22, 2009

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Hullo! I got a couple of comments that I haven’t posted anything, and it’s true! Just noticed: May 1st was when I put on the pictures.

But then, of course, you’ve not commented on my blog!

Well, you have, some of you, in emails.

But there is something weird about just putting this stuff out there…

I’d love to share more of the medical stuff: but hopefully won’t put the non-medics off their lunch…

Assisted a C-section today, and we’re hoping to transfer skills: that is, our PMO knows surgery, and I and another Nigerian are interested in learning how to do a CS (not 100% sure I want to be able to do them, but it might turn out to be usefull). So I just closed the last few layers today (there are about 6 layers to close after a CS).

M. who had Tb and has HIV went home last week. She is one of our miracles, from just lying there like a stick insect to walking up and down the halls and smiling!! She gained 6 kg (up from 20 to 26… age 18). She actually spoke to me in English 2 weeks ago: I didn’t even know she could speak it. On ward rounds for the first 2 months she would just stare at us. The nurses would speak Damara, and she would nod, sometimes. It barely seemed she was awake. But I guess as she got better, her brain started functioning better. (She had meningitis during this admission, too). Anyway, she was moved into a ward with some other women, and I needed to ask a patient something, and she translated for us! It was really neat.

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