Friday, May 22, 2009

The rest of that blognote

Last week Mark and I were away in Marienthal for in country training part 2. It’s away down in the south of the country. We drove Edith, Siew Wee, Vikas and Paulina down to Windhoek where we spent the night at Pratap’s, Joon’s and Xavier’s house. (as I write this, I realise, you get used to the international community. We spent the week with Kenyans, Ugandans, Indians, Philipinas, Singaporeans, Namibians, Brits, Candians, Australian and an UnitedStatesian. All VSO volunteers, here for different projects. I think we are an odd sight walking down the street, tho’) I suppose we learnt more about development and lots more about Namibia, but the best part was getting to spend that time with this network of people. We now know people all over the country (free lodging, heh, heh).

On the way back up, we spent another night in Windhoek, in Anne and Andy’s apartment. We had met these Canadians in Ottawa, and are ecstatic they are in Namibia too. Oh, my, though, was I loving their apartment! Unfortunately they were mugged a few weeks ago, in broad daylight in an ordinary part of town. They are absolutely fine, but it does show that there are some benefits to living in the sticks. Khorixas does have minor violence (stab wounds with broken bottles, usually) but very little targeted at white/tourists. Mostly because there are so few!

Back to work on Monday was very difficult. But this week was a 4 day week (Thursday off) as is next week. Some people are enjoying a 5 day weekend, but we’re on call…. Still had Thursday off (went to a low key campground, v. cheap) and will have Monday too, so can’t complain!


  1. Hi Alice and Mark,
    I am enjoyong your blog from various internet cafes along our route!!!I have a long email in my mind to you with reactions perhaps beyond what should be in a blog comment. We think of you often.

    I talked of you guys to a peace Corps volunteer taht we met a few days ago. (We are in Kygyzstan). He was teaching EFL to both kids and teachers in a small village, but th ePeace Corps also has health field volunteers here in Kyrgyzstan.

    Keep blogging!!!! And we love the photos.

    Love from Margo

  2. Hi Alice, it was so nice to get some updated information on you. I love your blogs and the pictures are so wonderful. Miss you here! Hope all is well and keep on blogging. It is amazing to read them, and to learn about other cultures. Take care of yourself and Mark. Donna (Camphill Family Medicine).