Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First days

Dear all!!

So we've arrived. The trip started Saturday morning, with a flight to Toronto, then a 12 hour wait in TO. It was incredibly cold! Only -10, but somehow, the damp or the wind, something made it challenging. I was glad I hadn't packed my scarf and hat away, and would have loved my long underwear...

Frankfurt was -1 only and we had rented a hotel room for 6 hours, and got some lovely sleep.

In Johannesburg we had to immigrate into the country to get our luggage: the people in Halifax hadn't been able to book us through to Windhoek.

In Windhoek we figured out that another passenger, Joohon (from Texas) was also with VSO. Lucky him he had a visa already. We didn't, but Mark and I played tag team going out of the immigration area. I felt quite overwhelmed even buying a phone card and phoning the VSO office! Actually it was completely straightforward. And about an hour later Paul arrived with our VISAs

We're just going to post this as a recent thunderstorm has made the electricity a bit dubious

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