Saturday, February 7, 2009

further first few days...

So having been successfully picked up at the airport, and taken to our lodgings (very comfortable) we snoozed and then were taken out for supper by some other VSO volunteers: Sonia and Saskia, Dutch, and Dylan, English. We were joined by 3 others from various organisations, a Dutch journalist and 2 Sweedish volunteers.

We went to La Marmite, which is Cameroonian. Delicious food in wooden bowls. And Mopane worms. Fried. I was starving and ate about 3 of them. They had been prepared in some delicious sauce, but were still rather crunchy, and, well, worms.

Woke on Tuesday tired and jet lagged and went to the VSO office, a few blocks away for “In Country Training”. Met the VSO staff, project managers, assistants, finance, and so on. Our in country training lasted 2 days, and included finding out that we didn't have a licence to practice in Namibia. We had sent all (and I mean ALLLLLL) sorts of paper work in November, but it hadn't been forwarded to the Ministry of Health.

So we've spent the last 2 days doing that: getting papers certified at the police station, doing declarations (also at the police station, but in a different queue) going to the Ministry and finding out I'd (Alice) had filled out the wrong form. Doing it all again the next day. Going to the Medical and Dental Council and (Mark) filling in forms for them: Mark really planned ahead and brought his original documents, so he was able to do this...

And in the evenings: going out to different restaurants with Joonho, or cooking. there is really good food!!!

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