Saturday, February 21, 2009

To send us snail mail...

A Peace Corps volunteer offered for us to share her post office box here in Khorixas

The straightforward way is:
Alice Gwyn or Mark Walton
PO Box 261

However, if the thing is precious then please know that the mail is "reliable" to Windhoek, but we're told not completely trustworthy beyond that. So if you're sending something you really don't want pilfered, please send it to

Alice Gwyn or Mark Walton
C/O VSO Namibia
PO Box 11339
Windhoek, Namibia

They will bring it out whenever someone comes in our direction

And if that weren't enough instructions, apparently the Post office doesn't put a slip in your box to let you know that a package has arrived, so if you are sending one to Khorixas, do let us know!! Then we can ask for it, periodically

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  1. Hello! I hope the house is becoming more homely....and the cockroaches are upwardly mobile. What kind of issues are you seeing in the clinics? Have you heard word of the cheetah project? What's the temperature?

    Thinking of you and glad that the bureaucratic stresses are over. Mxx